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Some contractors just don't instil any confidence in you eh…?

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Is this your hubby? Tell him to forget it, go play golf and you'll organise it all for him - and then call us!!


It's Not To Early To Get Ready For Old Man Winter…


Winter's coming and so are the heating bills, buggar! No need to worry though, Howie’s Handyman has tips and tricks to help you save on the dreaded electrical bill. We have easy tips that you can do yourself (we can always take care of them if you are too busy), to some more laborious items perfect for us to install that will pay for themselves in one winter. We will focus on the fundamental problems that result in heat loss; drafts and insulation.

Locating and correcting air leaks can range anywhere from 5% to 30% per year in energy savings. Checking for indoor air leaks in areas such as gaps along Skirting boards or the edge of flooring. Checking some of these common places that are also notorious for nasty heat-zapping drafts:    

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