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Spring is here

Spring – Get those pesky home maintenance tasks off your to-do list.


As we hit September it’s safe to say that ‘winter’, as it is here in Melbourne, is officially behind us.  Spring has arrived and we get a few months of beautiful weather of warm days and nice nights before the full heat kicks in.  Golf, fishing, biking, boating or time with family and friends, this really is the nicest time of year.  For many, spring also means getting caught up on their ‘To do’ list of home repair, home improvement and home maintenance checklists.

If you’ve reached the point where you either do not have the time, do not have the desire, or do not have the know-how to complete some or all of the items on your personal to-do list, then please consider giving Howie’s Handyman Services a call.  We can knock out that list while you spend time on things you enjoy.

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